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Welcome to Auravia, a holistic mental health collective built with the intention to light the way, no matter what journey you’re on. Whether you’re working toward nurtured, joyous well being or building a career in the mental health industry, Auravia seeks to be a useful, welcoming resource.

Auravia is a cognitive-behavioral approach practitioner facility with a focus on the holistic health of our clients. It is our core belief that, in order to make changes in your life, you must turn your attention to your thoughts, language, and physiology — focusing on the whole, rather than the individual parts. By helping individuals view themselves as a whole entity, we can help them gain control and, ultimately, change their behaviors to ones that enable them to truly thrive. Our Professional Development Services are designed with those same values in mind.

Life is constantly changing, and no two experiences are the same.

Our team is skilled in working with a variety of life situations, no matter where you are on your individual journey.

Life Transitions
Chronic Pain
Body Image
Coping Skills
Self Harm
Family Conflict
Mood Disorders

We offer both virtual and in-office therapy sessions. Both options are face-to-face in order to encourage connection and enhance visual understanding.

Please call us today for a free, 10 minute phone consultation! We look forward to connecting with you.