Walking through a fog…

If possible can you imagine getting up one morning doing your normal routine, you walk out the door. Suddenly, your eyes open and you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, you blink, and realize you’re not the same person you woke up as that morning. Your thoughts, emotions, senses, and behaviors don’t match who you were when you woke up.

You can only see darkness and blurred images. It’s impossible for you to see as clearly as you once did. You can’t feel anything. Touch doesn’t feel the same, Taste doesn’t matter. It’s almost like you’re a robot, or zombie just moving and doing things you’re supposed to…because you don’t want people to know you’re different.

Almost 4 years ago I was minding my own business living my life then out of nowhere, I was hit BAM! The most extreme traumatic event I had ever experienced blindsided me, and my family. Our lives were changed Forever!!

I can’t even describe it. All I can say is…I DIED. My soul was taken out of my body, my heart stopped, and my brain didn’t function. I couldn’t breathe, see, or feel. I was lifeless.

Depression can happen to anyone, even the strongest people. Even the ones that are supposed to have it together. I’m a therapist…but I’m human, and have my struggles.

I’ve learned that the medication only masked the pain. It gave me some time to fix myself emotionally. I’ll never be 100%…Trauma changes you. When you’re forced to unexpectedly…Look into glassy lifeless eyes or hold a cold lifeless body…you will never be the person you once were…Now I’m ready to let it go. I don’t want the fake chemically manufactured help. I don’t want to take a million pills every year. No more poisoning my body; I want to heal my body, and soul naturally.

I’ve decided to stop all my medication, and only use natural remedies. I will be treating myself with oils, positive thoughts, exercise, nature, music, and seeing my own private therapist monthly.

You must challenge yourself. Gain control over your thoughts, then your emotions and your behaviors will follow. You have the power to make a change in yourself, and the life you live. IT’S ALL UP TO YOU! You’re in control of yourself.

With any traumatic experience, we must take the pain, and negative energy….transform it into strength and positivity. Use it to make ourselves better…then use it to help others. Life’s a rough journey make sure you stay on top.

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