Are Successful Women DOOMED??

What is it about a successful woman that scares a man away? Am I completely wrong? Men, do you get intimidated by a woman who has a great education, owns her own home, has her own business, and makes more money than him? Hold on I won’t lump all men together…I have met some who will attempt, and not get easily scared. Those who have attempted with me have tried to control me, and that just doesn’t fly with me. I have met a man recently who seems to be on the same page…but still no date or flowers…I do get messages, and serenaded…we shall see what happens…only time will tell.

My friends and I have always wondered…Why is it that we are single? Why are some women taken out on dates, and we have to take each other on dates? Or in my case at times I take myself on dates. Do they not take us on dates because they know we can do it ourselves??? It’s not like I’m unapproachable. I smile, laugh, dance, and talk to everyone. I don’t have a list of characteristics I’m looking for. I don’t push people away unless I know they are not helping me grow.

Here’s the event that put these thoughts in my head:

Last night I was out for a drink with my good friend. We were at our last location and ran into a man I had been “seeing”, “talking to”, or whatever you want to call it, and he was with a woman. This encounter probably pissed my friend off more than me, because I’m not easily rattled by stupidity. Not to be rude or toot my own horn, but honestly in my opinion, the opinion of my friend, and of others around us…I was clearly the better choice. I’m not one to talk badly about women. I believe we should build each other up. I would totally help her shop, and take care of herself with exercise, and meal prepping. I’d even help her with her resume, give free therapy…I’m always open to helping other women.

I’ll redirect my frustration on the target the man/boy. I ask myself…How are you going to be begging to see me to “hangout” for the past month, and be with another women who was clearly his GIRLFRIEND. I came to this conclusion when he was afraid to come say hi, and only approached us as she left to the bathroom then ran back like a scared little puppy. What is it that compels a person to feel so superior that they must hurt others by keeping things from the people they supposedly have an emotional connection with. This baffles me. Why be in a relationship if you know that person isn’t all that you want, and need?

Who is this women why does she get the girlfriend title, get taken out in public, bought dinner and drinks? Is she weak? Is she easily controlled? What kind of goals does she have? What kind of person is she? Does she know he talks to other women behind her back? Why does she allow it? Does she have a career? Is she blind? What’s her mind set?

I bought my first house at 24, Masters degree at 25, carefree attitude. I’m extremely independent, a fighter, express everything I feel, and think (no filter), motivated to conquer the world, failure doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.  The moment you meet me this is communicated, I’m an open book, what you see is what you get. I’m that girl who is always on her own, and enjoys it. I’ve only had 2 serious relationships during my life time. One I lived miserably with. The other I married then quickly divorced; when I realized his need to control my every move, and thought.

I always say MEN DON’T LIKE ME!! They don’t approach me, ask me out, respect me, or treat me as girlfriend material. They must think all I want is SEX, because that’s how some will approach, or they’ll attempt to exercise their control by telling me I need to do something, or move from my location to get a drink from them, which I don’t respond well too. I don’t need your drink, or your attention, thanks BYE BYE!!

People in general tend to judge by the exterior of others. Maybe I present myself as too confident? or as a SEX Goddess? Who knows? But how is that a bad thing? Why treat me as if I don’t matter? If I was a Man…I would think JACKPOT!! Let’s build an EMPIRE of AMAZING-NESS!!! But I don’t think all men think like that…So what is it? What does “the girlfriend” have that I don’t have? What does “the girlfriend” lack that I have too much of?? Is there a problem with WOMEN…Or does the problem lie with the MAN??

I know I’m not the only women out there who thinks about this. It’s a common thought among like-minded educated, confident women. What’s wrong with me???? Are all educated, beautiful, confident women destined to take each other on dates, and buy our own flowers? Hey we like that stuff too!!  It’s nice to be shown appreciation, and shown you’re being thought of. Just because we are strong-minded doesn’t mean our hearts are ice-cold, and made of stone. We have emotions, we get hurt, we cry, we feel ugly, fat, rejected, or unwanted at times. However, you’ll never know it, or see it… BUT we are HUMAN!! Cut us and we will bleed, some of us may have sparkly glitter blood running through our veins, but we still bleed!!!


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