People: Do we need other humans to find happiness? 

All humans are different, but for the most part...yes I think we need other human energy, and connections. Although do humans need people to feel happy, satisfied, content??? Hmmmm makes me think...if you are always surrounded by do you truly know if you're happy with you? How do you even know if you're being you?

When people are around other people they tend to merge energies, and personalities. They do what each other do...they become one. Therefore, if you have NEVER really been alone, and felt comfortable being on your own...who are you? Are you happy? Do you accept yourself?

I've pretty much been on my own for a while. Never had a roommate...I have friends, and family, but we aren't always together. When I was younger...I remember feeling like I need someone to be happy. Someone to do things with. Someone to talk to, watch tv with. However, that never really made me happy. I would make myself miserable when I was alone, because I had no one, and felt like a loser. Then when I had someone I was miserable, because...I ended up conforming to make them happy, and forgot about me...but I didn't even know who I was.

Life is SOOOOO complicated. One day I decided I'm going to get to know me. Find my love, desire, and passions. I was determined to find who I was. So this is what I did...

I started telling myself NO ONE cares about you, people are selfish, stop setting expectations, because there's NO ONE out there that thinks like you. Stop going out of the way for people. Stop waiting for people to have fun. Stop getting upset when people don't invite you, or forget about you.


I started telling myself: you're amazing, you're smart, you're adventurous, you're fun, you're great at everything you do. Don't let people hold you back. NO ONE needs to accept you, but yourself. Who cares what they say, or what they think. If you are comfortable, and love yourself...THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS.

NO ONE is as important as you are. You are your own number one. Take care of you. If you love yourself...then others will too.

That's what I said, and did. Little by little I put myself out there. Started doing things alone. I make my plans...of course I invite everyone I know...which isn't many people. But I invited... usually, no one was able to join me, because remember...NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!!!

So what did I do!???? Get mad, sad, and stay home??? HELL NO!!! I went, and did my plans! SCARY right?? NO really it wasn't scary.  Everytime I went I enjoyed myself, and had a blast. I learned to speak to people, to make friends everywhere I go, I learned about myself...I felt fear, and success! I pushed myself. I found that women who was hiding deep inside of me. I got rid of the insecure women, who depended on others, the one who thought she needed a man, the one that felt rejected, and lost when her friends didn't include her.

I started slow...worked out at gym alone, stayed home alone, and didn't let myself get emotional. I ran in the neighborhood alone, ran in a wooded park alone, hiked Enchanted Rock alone, went to Grapecreek Vineyard alone, went to the movies alone, went to lunch alone, traveled to LA to visit my cousin alone, explored LA alone, went to a bar alone, went to rivers and lakes, took myself to dinner ALONE...

I built myself, I learned about myself. I didn't fear loneliness, or growing old alone. It doesn't bother me anymore.  I gained courage, I changed jobs, made many positive changes. My life is finally falling into place, and I'm doing it, and living it for ME. Anyone who wants to be part of my life will need to be able to fit into my spontaneous & free lifestyle. Of course, I'll compromise as well, but they must be like-minded.

Every week I make plans for myself if people join me then AWESOME!!! If they don't...ehhh...doesn't matter because, I got me, and I'm very interesting, and entertaining!! 

Try being on your own. Are you really ever ALONE??? Think about it...there are people everywhere you go! Even when I'm by myself at home there's the what do you fear? There is no real FEAR, because no matter where you are you're never alone.

Next life goal for me this year...I'm traveling out of the Country ALL ALONE!!! This is happening, and it's going to be AMAZING! It's so empowering, and motivating to know the real me. Try it, find the real you it's an amazing experience. When you're able to find self-love, you'll have less self-doubt and better relationships. Hey, maybe you'll actually find true happiness in your life. Yes, as humans we need other humans, but we don't need other humans to be happy! All you need is you!

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