The Siren (perfect women) VS. The Centaur (“perfect man”)

How do you get the title the perfect man or the perfect women?? Well there may be many different opinions. This is how I would classify them:

  • Siren- mythical unrealistic creature
    • 28 and up
    • Not currently married or ever been married
    • Has a College Degree of some sort
    • Owns a home of their own
    • Has a full-time stable job
    • Pays for all their own things and bills
    • Depends on no one to live a HAPPY life
    • Great sense of humor
    • Not jealous, clingy or needy
  • Centaur-mythical unrealistic creature
    • 28 and up
    • Not currently married or ever been married
    • Has bachelors, masters, or doctorate
    • Owns home
    • Has good credit
    • Has stable full-time job
    • Doesn’t ask friends for advice on who or how many to be with
    • Doesn’t show friends pictures or videos of women they’ve been with
    • Great sense of humor
    • Not jealous, clingy or needy
    • Feel no need to control their women




I’m sure others may have their own definitions of the perfect man, or women. Do they really exist? Who knows…but if you meet all the characteristics in the above bullet points…you are RARE!!! Would that mean you’re absolutely perfect…nah…I don’t think so. I know I’m not perfect at all, but…I would consider myself a SIREN, I have all the above bullet points. I have even come across one or two Centaurs, but they are far from perfect!

I might even say that the Siren, and the Centaur might have some of the most issues. We may have our shit together, but I think because we have our shit together we lose sight of other things. I think a lot of us have gotten comfortable being on our own, and don’t know how to add others into our busy, exciting, adventurous lives. We spent most our lives in school, being responsible, and making sure our bills got paid. We needed to keep our credit high to buy houses, and cars. There was no time to mess around, have babies, and get into trouble. We are goal oriented people. We set our goals high, and don’t stop until we get it DONE!!!




Now here’s the issue…I’m 33 never had a successful relationship, and no babies. Now to some women that could be the end of the world…NOT me! If a little person doesn’t pop outta me any time soon…I’m ok with that. To me it just means I wasn’t meant to procreate, and God just wants me to see the world, and travel. Now if I am blessed with a little person one day…I will be that momma that straps that baby to my back, and climbs the Grand Canyon.

So, is there really such thing as the “Perfect Man” or the “Perfect Women”??? Nah…I don’t think so. Perfect is whatever you want it to be. As long as you see yourself as “Perfect” that’s all that matters. I think Perfect is when you don’t allow yourself to stop growing. If you continue to grow daily, open your mind, leave room for change, and allow yourself to experience new and scary things. I think that defines you, If you know who you are, and you love who you are. Then I think you are perfect. We all have the opportunity to make sure we are PERFECT in our own eyes.



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