Where does sadness come from? 

It’s been about a month that I’ve been off all of my medication, and only using oils. I’ve decided to treat myself without the help of foreign substances.

I’ve been sleeping better thanks to meditation, and oils. I’ve been controlling my sadness, and anxiety with balance, cheer, and peace (oils). I’ve had help with my extreme ADHD with in tune(oils). The oils, positive thought, and meditation have been changing my life.


So my question??? Where does the sadness,  and anxiety come from?

Many people I meet with depression describe their pain as undescribable. Which is completely true. I have no clue where it comes from. My thoughts are positive. I even see my sadness as a strength. Does that depression or anxiety pain ever really go away?

I tell my clients that it never goes away. It is part of who u are. It’ll come, and it’ll go. You’ll have restless, sleepless nights. You’ll experience sadness, and happiness within a 48hr period. It’s what you do with those emotions that will define who you are. The diagnosis doesn’t define you.

I choose happiness, and positivity. Why be miserable? Life is too short to allow your pain to take over, and win. Therefore, I will continue to see all of me, and my future as amazing, powerful, and strength building. I’ll continue to spread that positive energy to everyone I encounter; with hopes that they too will spread the positive vibes.

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