the dating game…CORRUPTED!

Years ago when my parents and grandparents were dating. You found someone you liked, and the man courted the woman. Built a relationship, took the women out, made them feel comfortable, appreciated, and cared for. Oh, the women reciprocated, and the man felt wanted and needed. There wasn’t…let me see how many likes I can get on my selfie…I wonder how many good Comments I can get…people weren’t stuck on their phones trying to see how many people they can get to like them! They actually used to COMMUNICATE with each other.

Dating today…What can I say…Well…it’s STUPID and doesn’t exist. I am a 33-year-old single woman. No children and has a great career, homeowner, is genuine and has a great personality. I’ve tried dating, shoot I’ve even been married, which didn’t work out obviously. I’ve met men at bars, while I’m out & about, on Facebook, dating sites (match, clover, tinder, e-harmony), from family and friends introducing me. What have I found you ask??? NOT A DAMN THING!!

What I’ve found is the same across the board from when I dated at 22 until today at 33. Well at 22 I was shy, and really didn’t date much at all. Those men I did meet I just wasn’t interested in, and would stop talking to them…or…they’d realize I wasn’t what they were looking for, and stop talking to me.

Today at 33 I’m very confident, I’ve learned a lot, and know what I want. Lately what I’ve found is the same kind of men…and I’m sure this can apply to women out their as well

1) They will sweet talk you, make you think you are amazing to get what they want…SEX!!! Oh but they will NEVER take you out. 2) They will take you out on a date a few times then…STOP talking to you!! 3) They will send you UNWANTED PICS, and think they can sleep with you, and your BFF behind your back!! But then of course your BFF tells you, BC she’s your BFF, so you & her BLOCK their ASS 4) They will make you feel special, take you out occasionally, and see you on their time (when they aren’t with the other girl/boy…the one they LIE about to make you think they’re single) 5) The one you get along with great, talk to frequently, have fun with, but they don’t have the balls to do anything more (date, hangout, touch) or maybe they are just comfortable being single?? That’s ok, but say something!! 6) They are MARRIED!!! They want their cake, and eat it too!! Ummmm Bye Bye!! 7) The one you meet online who lives far away. 8) The cool one that’s just going to be a friend

What do I want…??? I want someone to enjoy life with, to travel with, laugh with, dance with, shop, play, love, watch sports with. I want a life partner, someone to share my time with, and experience the wonders of the world with. I don’t want a BOYFRIEND! I don’t want a HUSBAND! I want someone who can speak to my soul, and make me want to love myself even more then I already do. Someone who wants to escape life with me, and live in a tree, and dance in the rain. If I never find him I’ll be ok doing it alone, because I am COMPLETE!

My question for the men or women is…on what planet is it ok, and acceptable to do the above things?? SERIOUSLY though???!! Who is putting it in the heads of men & women that negative behavior is acceptable? Is it because some allow it? It is because they are praised for it? It is because they actually get something out of it?¬† I don’t understand it…lying, cheating, deceiving. In my 33 years I’ve learned that negative behavior, thoughts, and emotions bring you a negative lifestyle. Bad stuff happens to you…you feel lonely, loss of jobs, loss of family, regret, fear, abuse, trauma, guilt. From my observations, and experiences I have discovered¬† that NEGATIVE LIFESTYLES, BRING NEGATIVE OUTCOMES!!!


SO again…Why would anyone want to put negativity in their lives even when it comes to DATING?? Why is it hard to be HONEST? Hey maybe I’ll open up a match making/dating site where your required to have a psychological evaluation before you start dating one, or multiple women or men. What’s the key to successful dating, and relationships??? Well…COMMUNICATION & HONESTY!!! If you are one of the millions out there that struggle in this area…Schedule an online appointment!! I can help you change your negative behaviors, thoughts, and emotions into something more positive. Then maybe you’ll see a positive change in your life.

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