How Millennial are you?

Everywhere you turn these days you will hear something about a “Millennial.” What, or who is a Millennial? Google that ASAP!!  You might hear that the Millennial only cares about social media, selfies, texting, and are completely about themselves(Selfish). Well all of that is true….But not all of them are the same. The more, and more I heard the term Millennial…of course I became curious. Am I a Millennial? But WAIT if I’m a Millennial…How do I have a job, mortgage, car, ambitions? I don’t get it!!!??? Well of course I had to find out…So I took an online quiz…BTW (by the way) that is another thing that a Millennial does. Quizzes have all the answers, and so does GOOGLE!!!

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Well turns out I’m more Millennial then I thought I was. I was born in 1984, so I fall right on the edge of the Millennial generation. I use social media daily to advance my career, and attempt to reach others by telling my story. I mostly text, because it’s easier. But it is nice to get a phone call, or video call from someone I actually want to talk to. It makes me feel extra special.

Yes I sleep with my phone on  my nightstand, but it’s on Do Not disturb. I use my phone every night not only to Snap!…But I also use it to sleep. I’m lost with my meditation app Calm. I need my nature sounds!!! Oh and oils!! I’m a firm believer in natural healing, and positive thought. I use my phone for many things such as journaling using Daylio, yoga using Down Dog, Facebook for promoting myself, and business. So, yes I might be attached to my phone, but I know when to put it down, and be in the moment with others. I promote apps, and oils with my clients daily to help them heal. FYI it works!!! I have an oil for anything, and Yes I have an app for it too!!

Why is it that society lumps all Millennials in one category? That just makes no sense. Yes there are those who are unambitious, lazy, no school, no job, stuck to their phones & not for advancement, selfie kings and queens that take pics to capture themselves, and make themselves look desirable, because they don’t feel desirable…but then there are those who use technology to get ahead or heal…the ones who bought their first house at 24 or younger, and bought their first car at 17. The motivated ones, the ones that have a plan. Yes I’m a selfie queen myself…GUILTY…but there is tons more to me then what you see in my selfie. I refuse to be defined by my generation, or my FABULOUS selfie.

So how Millennial are you??? Are you motivated? Unmotivated? Whoever? or Whatever you are…You can do whatever you put your mind to….But how do you figure out what you want to do??? That’s the Million dollar question….It took me years to figure it out. Now that I have figured it out; I’m not stopping until I conquer the WORLD!! But…What does someone, who has no clue do??

First: Figure out what you like…Hobby? Interest? What are you good at?

Second: Set goal…Not a five year goal…But a NOW goal…One that can be accomplished in 3-6 months.

Third: Make a Plan, take your planner out, and write it down!!! If it’s not on paper it doesn’t happen, or exist!

Fourth: Do your research, and accomplish it!!! GOOGLE is your friend!!!

Nothing happens without a plan, and some action. So Millennial or not…Ambitious or not…Have a clue or not…Make things happen for yourself. Don’t let people criticize you based on their perception of who they think you may be. Prove them wrong…Prove them ALL wrong, and do something AMAZING!!


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