The Bullet Journal

Posted: August 31, 2017
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I recently heard about the Bullet Journal while speaking to a young client a few weeks ago. We were talking about how keeping track of details, and doing research can ease her overwhelming thoughts. I didn't understand exactly what it was...she explained, and stated she was going to be adding it to her daily routine to ease her anxiety. I absolutely loved the concept!!


When I was younger, out of control ADHD, constant streaming thoughts, pre-medication, pre-diagnosed, pre-amazing OILS...I would keep myself sane by writing in my planner. I color coded, and stickie noted everything!!! Once I graduated and got comfortable with my career my brain decided it needed a break. I stopped color coding and decided to stickie note everything! I had post its EVERyWHeRE!! Which if you can imagine became extremely confusing!


My life was a MESS!! I was forgetting everything! So I decided to start using my iPad and sync it to my iPhone! I started setting reminder alarms, and keeping track of life electronically. However, recently with my new chaos and getting myself organized the electronic record keeping isn't cutting it. I need to get my life together!!!

I decided I would try this Bullet Journal technique. Now I just have to start a new routine. That's always the challenge with me. I always start so strong...then lose intrest in what I'm doing. I'm so easily strayed from productive, positive life activities. I'm a CLASSIC Self-Sabotager! BTW...My weight loss has been put on hold due to my Self-Sabotaging behaviors. I will put it in my new Bullet Journal to get that weight loss challenge started again soon!! Until then I will jump back on my weight gain emotional rollercoaster. I just have trouble saying no to bacon cheese burgers and chicken strips....

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