Solitude Vs. Loneliness

I’ve been told that in order to love and find love/happiness you must experience life completely ALONE. You must learn about yourself, you must understand your own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors without the influence of another. You must detach from the world….To experience SOLITUDE is to find an inner strength, a beauty within yourself. SOLITUDE creates confidence within an individual.


How can one achieve SOLITUDE? Many may attempt to experience the power of SOLITUDE….but the truth is…It’s hard to accomplish. Humans crave the affection and attention of others. We have been programmed to NEED others to feel comfort and happiness. Therefore, when we place ourselves in SOLITUDE we allow our programmed thoughts to control our emotions….which creates the feeling of loneliness.


Loneliness can destroy us if we allow it to. We create LONELINESS by telling ourselves negative things…nobody wants me, people don’t understand me, I’ll never find someone to connect with, I have no friends, people reject me, I’m unloveable….It’s easy to bring ourselves down. It’s easy to trap ourselves and experience LONELINESS…It’s easy to fear SOLITUDE…It’s easy to find someone, anyone to try to stop the feeling of LONELINESS and find comfort in another.


Now what do we do??? Embrace the feeling of LONELINESS…find another to ease the pain we feel? Or do we…fight, and struggle for a little while in order to experience the power of SOLITUDE?? Well there is no correct answer…you are the creator of your life…you have the power to decide the type of life you want to live.


Just remember it’s been said…in order to find true happiness you must understand yourself, you must know who you are…without the influence of another. It’s up to you to decide how long you must stay in SOLITUDE or if you rather not experience SOLITUDE. I can tell you from experience my last 3 years of SOLITUDE has been the most exhilarating, painful, educational, strength finding, confidence building 3 years of my life. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained…I have confidence that it’ll lead to more GREATNESS. Make a choice…If you’re in need of direction…The Counselors at Positive Soul Holistic Therapy can guide you.

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