Who’s Viewed My Story??

We all have social media. Social media is how our world communicates. Today I was on Snapchat and a good friend of mine commented on Snap chat which sparked my thoughts. He said in so many words thank you to all my 3hundred blah blah blah followers for viewing my bologna sandwich. This comment got my brain ticking. WOW, do you even know those 3hundred whatever people? His answer was of course NO…


I can recall a time in my life when I depended on social media for my entertainment and to feel good about myself. I would check it all the time to see who viewed my posts, and who liked my posts…then I would react to it. I would feel good or feel disappointed based on who or the number of views. As I reflect now I can see how bad of a place I was in at the time…BUT

Why do we allow social media to dictate our emotions? I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this. The feelings of sadness or loneliness based on a message or a view or lack thereof…It sounds ridiculous but it’s true…It happens every day. When you open snap chat, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you know you get a smile if you see others are interested in your posts. You might even get more excited or happy when someone messages you about your posts or makes a positive comment.


However, most people on social media don’t know half of the people they have as “Friends.” So why do we care? Why do we allow strangers to control our emotions? Crazy when you start to think about it…We have become a society that is completely controlled by social media the views and likes provided by strangers…It will boost our confidence or put someone in a dark place.

I’m pretty sure some people are reading this saying…that’s not me, I don’t do that…oh really then why do you post on social media??? Why do you check who’s viewed your story? Yup, that’s right…anyone who has social media has allowed a stranger or someone they know to control their emotions in one way or another.

So how do you gain control of your emotions, and still use social media without it destroying you or your relationships??? Well, honestly some don’t want to and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re anything like me and rather be in control of your own emotions and be mentally healthy…

The first thing to do is to go through your social media and delete anyone you don’t know or have not had a connection with at some point in your lifetime.

Next thing reality check…NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!!! Just because people view your story doesn’t mean they care!!! The reason they looked is most likely because they were bored, or they are stalking you…Unless they are your true friends or family who just want to keep up with your life.


So then why are you posting so much? Do you want the attention? or to be entertained by comments? Just think about it and make a choice….to post or not to post…Do I need fake validation from people who don’t even personally know me??

I have changed the way I use social media. Yes, I used to post provocative pictures and videos of myself for attention, but now I ask myself do I want the attention of people who honestly DON’T GIVE A DAMN about me?? UMMMM NO I don’t!!!

I did what I suggested above. Do I have fewer people entertaining me?? YES…but honestly I’m in a much healthier place in my life, and I don’t want or need people in my life that don’t care about me. My main goal with social media these days is to connect with family, get ideas for blog posts, or grow my business.

I just ask you to think about why you’re on social media. What is it doing for your life? If it leaves you feeling empty or with some sort of emotional reaction…Then reevaluate why you have it, and who you allow into your life through viewing it. Just something to think about…




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