Vampires can suck you dry…

Ever just feel betrayed….you trust someone with very personal information because you believe them to be genuine. You see goodness behind their pain, so you share, allow a connection to form, and attempt to build a relationship of some kind whether it be a mentor, friendship, or more…I tend to feel this way often. Each time I tell myself…Why do u do that? Why do you trust so easily? Not all people should be trusted with your personal information…the stuff that makes you real. 


These people I’m describing are vampires! They target empathetic open people and suck out their life, their energy, and their time because they know they can. They want to feel something…so they take your story, your pain, and your energy to make themselves feel better. They get energized and feel powerful and confident…Then they move on, they forget about you, they decide you aren’t needed anymore…they sucked out what they wanted and now you’re no good to them.

Have you ever encountered a vampire??? They are charming, they are nice, they are good-looking, and they share information too, but not too much only enough to get what they need from you. They come in all shapes and forms….and leave you feeling empty and wondering what you did wrong. 


How do you overcome a vampire?? Your gut might be to put up a wall and never let another in ever again, but what’s the fun in that?? What’s life without a little pain? We must go through the pain to grow, we must experience loss to appreciate the present. So, instead of blocking people out of your life and isolating yourself do the opposite. Embrace others as you do naturally, but don’t overshare, and don’t give too much before you know if they are worthy. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked dry, be selective. 

That’s your personal private information…you allowed yourself to be vulnerable to help or encourage another….to build a relationship, to create a connection…so why are you beating yourself up over a vampire??? You gave to that person with nothing but good intentions and a pure heart! They are the ones that took advantage of you. They are the ones with a fear of personal connections. They are the ones that should suffer, not you….but they never will suffer. Because they don’t see life as you do, and they never will. No need to try to explain it to them, because they don’t care about you. Take the lesson and move on.


You will never reach a Vampire…it’s not your responsibility to teach them or make them understand…Ever heard of Karma??? I’m a true believer in the transfer of energy among all living things on Earth. If you give with good intentions you will be rewarded. But you’re feeling pain…so…how is that a reward you ask??? Well like I said earlier sometimes it’s necessary to experience pain to experience the good in life. Give and experience life to the fullest, and let Karma take care of the rest. I always hope that Karma will be gentle and teach them rather than cause pain. But we are the creation of our destiny. 

Keep giving don’t block yourself off…by blocking your flow of energy you aren’t allowing goodness to come into your life. Be open, proud, and accepting of the person you are. No need to prove your worth to anybody, because you are worth more than that. Don’t allow the behaviors of a negative person or a vampire to interfere with the positive energy coming toward you. Free your mind of negativity, learn from the encounter, process it, and continue living and giving. 


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