What is CBD?

Being the owner of a Holistic Counseling office I see many clients with a wide range of issues. From Chronic Pain, Trauma, PTSD, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Depression, Behavior, Autism…the list goes on and on. Many of my clients don’t want to take any more medications than they have to. Or many parents don’t want their children on medication. I always explain that medication is sometimes necessary when dealing with chemical imbalances and severe mental health issues. However, with other behavioral/life issues natural solutions can be tried first and if they don’t work then we can explore medication options, and referrals to specialists can be made.


I have recently tried CBD and was blown away by the effectiveness of this natural medication. I am a firm believer in the use of natural medicine. If you have read my previous blogs you know I use oils to heal myself. I haven’t taken an antibiotic, allergy medication, or nose spray in over two years. And now there is no need for Tylenol, Motrin, or any other pain reliever, thanks to my recent discovery of CBD. I believe we were put on this earth with the tools to help ourselves to a certain extent. Doctors, Counselors, and pharmaceutical companies were also put on this earth for a reason. One doctor, medication, natural technique, or counselor cannot solve the issues of the world alone. But we can all work together to find a solution and discover a combination that is right for you and your family.

So what is CBD? 

CBD is a Cannabinoid by the name of Cannabidiol (CBD) which comes from the cannabis plant or hemp. YES marijuana/THC is a Cannabinoid as well and is also made from the cannabis plant. However, CBD is part of the plant that doesn’t cause psychoactive effects on the brain. It will not get you “HIGH!!!” CBD is part of the cannabis plant that has health benefits. Because it is taken from the cannabis plant directly it does have small traces of THC, because there is no way to completely take out all of the THC. CBD in Texas is legal and has less than .2% THC. CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test, and it will not negatively affect you or your children. It DOES NOT affect your body like THC in any way or form.


There has been a lot of research on the effectiveness and safety of this natural medication. Its regular usage can help with numerous medical ailments such as depression, anxiety, pain, seizures, lethargy, dysphoria, PTSD, arthritis, epilepsy, insomnia, sleep paralysis, ADHD, ODD, antibiotic-resistant infections, MS, diabetes, it has anti-cancer properties…and so much more.

After experiencing the effectiveness of Green Garden Gold CBD I knew I had to provide it to my clients. I was referring them daily to try it, and many of them were having success for themselves and their children. So starting at the end of this month Positive Soul Holistic Therapy will be carrying Green Garden Gold CBD products. We will carry it in the form of oil seen below to take orally under the tongue in 100mg, 300mg, and 500mg. In balm and gel form for aches and pains, and in gummy form to make it easy to ingest for all ages. For more information on how CBD can help you and your loved ones contact us we can help guide you to living a positive, natural, and healthy lifestyle. 210-858-6127


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