What does it mean to “Shift my focus??”

Being human we tend to focus either on the past, which can cause depression, or on the future, which can cause anxiety. We tend to struggle to focus on the now and the things we can control. Why you ask??? Because we want things now!! Immediate gratification. The fairy tale. However, that’s just not realistic. 

I’m guilty of trying to control and plan my future. Whenever I tend to do this I end up in a negative place. There is no way that I can predict or try to change what is in the stars for me already. I’m a firm believer that what is supposed to happen will happen, but every once in a while I get myself stuck in the planning cyclone…it likes to take me DOWN. I’m easily distracted.

One thing I always talk to my clients about is shifting their focus. To shift your focus it’s important to sit down with yourself and have a firm discussion! 

-What are my goals?

-What do I want to achieve?

-Is what I’m doing help me achieve my goals?

-What emotions am I feeling daily? 

-Do I like these emotions?

-What thoughts are continuously crossing my mind?

-What are these thoughts and emotions doing to my body?

-Now what do I need to do to get back on track??

It is soooooo easy to get lost in life and forget what your focus is. We are distracted by social media and dating sites….Promising love and showing us the perfect lives of all of our friends!! Please!! Don’t get trapped in the fantasy of social media. We can get so busy with work, being perfectionists or overachievers. Or get lost providing and caring for our family that we forget about ourselves. If this is you it’s time to shift your focus. 

Sit down get out something to write with and answer the questions above. Then create a plan for yourself. Stick to your plan. Write down the tasks you must achieve daily. Start small, you want to be successful! It can be as easy as only spending 10 minutes on Tik Tok instead of 5 hours (set an alarm) or waking up at 7 am daily (set an alarm). This change doesn’t have to be BIG….Do it for 21 days straight! Remember it takes 21 days to create a new habit. 

This can be done for just about any issue. I recently found myself looking for love in all the wrong places….AGAIN!!! I had a firm discussion with myself out loud. What I discovered is that I don’t need to find love with another at this time in my life. It’s the wrong time!! I need to create love within myself. I need to strengthen my core so my lower back doesn’t hurt, and I can continue to lift my 2-year-old. I need to keep better track of my time throughout the day, and I need to start writing more blogs for our clients and followers. 

I started to shift my focus once again. So can you. Pick something that is hurting you and make a small change do it for 21 days and then make another small change. You will see the difference in your life. Remember to be kind to yourself. We are all human and we might start strong with something and then get distracted. There’s nothing wrong

with starting over…even if you have to start over 100 times.