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Welcome to Auravia Wellness, where we embrace a holistic approach to health, treating each individual as a whole—mind, body, and soul. Led by Jennifer Zavala APRN FNP, who is dedicated to guiding you on your journey to optimal wellness. We offer a range of services, including wellness injections, hormone restoration therapy, personalized coaching, and weight management, all tailored to enhance your life quality.

Join us at our Hill Country Village location to start your path to better health.

Our Wellness Care Team

Stella Chavez

Billing Specialist

Jonathan Felux

Jonathan Felux

Auravia Wellness Admin

Jennifer Zavala APRN FNP

Jennifer Zavala APRN-FNP

FNP-C/Clinical Director

Dr. Maritza Garza

MD/Medical Director & Supervisor

Christal Carter


Kimberly Morales, MA

Medical Assistant

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