Individual therapy

Individual therapy employs a variety of techniques designed to help individuals understand themselves and work through their issues. Our Therapists are experienced with individuals as well as families.

Walk and Talk

A rejuvenating alternative to in-office therapy sessions, Walk and Talk therapy offers a different kind of therapeutic experience. This method has been said to make therapy less daunting and inspires other positive outcomes through physical movement.


Because we approach health holistically at Auravia, we believe that physical and mental health often go hand in hand. We look at the whole person and the life they live in order to help them find peace of mind. This can be through environmental and belief factors like spirituality, home, social, and work situations, and exploring things like physical health, vitamin deficiencies, and other issues that can be determined through blood work.


Meditation is a life-changing way for patients to achieve a greater sense of overall fulfillment, focus, and happiness, but it can be a difficult practice to master. Our therapists will guide you as you learn how to meditate regularly and effectively.

Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to provide relief via essential oils and other plant-extracted substances. Our therapists are trained and certified in aromatherapy and will help you find natural, lasting relief for certain issues and ailments.

We offer both virtual and in-office therapy sessions. Both options are face-to-face in order to encourage connection and enhance visual understanding.

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